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Stewart Warner

Stewart Warner is one of the most recognizable names in vehicle instruments, with a long history of innovative products dating back to 1905. Not so long ago, Stewart Warner dominated the performance market for instrumentation. And now, the are recognized to making Stewart Warner-once again-the preeminent brand for the performance market. Their products are now made in the U.S.A.!

The Stewart Warner Maximum Performance Series instruments feature white & black graphics; all-new super-tough, engineered-resin cases; unique inner and outer bezels; robust three-dimensional pointers; and advanced SMT electronics and lighting techniques. The net result is a unique "Stewart Warner look" that is sure to turn heads.

Features include:
- Robust mechanical gauge movements with heavy-duty Bourdon tubes, silicone dampened
- High torque movement for faster response & reliability
- Front sealed & protected from moisture, dust & corrosion
- Advanced lighting & bold, easy-to-read graphics
- Custom engineered, ultra-bright, balanced 3-D pointer
- Maximum dial viewing area from contoured inner bezel
- Made in the U.S.A.


Known for use in OEM and race vehicles, VDO offers their "Vision Series" gauge. All Vision Series gauges are black face with black bezel. What's unique about them is the way they light up at night. The light comes through the numbers rather than seeping around the outer edge of the gauge face.

Exhaust Pyrometer: Extremely important for tow vehicles. Under heavy loads or long grades, it's very important to monitor exhaust temperatures. With an exhaust pyrometer, you can prevent exhaust temperatures from getting too hot.

(Helpful Hint)
The exhaust manifold is the best place for installing the pyrometer probe, because it reads actual exhaust gas temperature in front of the parts that can be damaged. Check the probe tip occasionally to be sure it isn't eroding from the heat.

Boost Gauge: This gauge will let you know exactly how much boost your turbo is currently putting out.

Oil / Trans. Temperature Gauge: Tells you your oil temperature.

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